Full Day Voiceover Workshop

Before working with you one on one, I encourage you to participate in a workshop so we learn about each other and I can tailor my coaching to your particular level and style. I'm pleased to lead the popular Full Day Voice Over Workshops several times throughout the year. We'll be working with Master Engineer Chip Ellinghaus at Absolute Pitch Studios located at 7101 Wisconsin Ave. in Bethesda. www.absolutepitch.com

The workshop is a great environment to learn about your own style, strengths and weaknesses by watching and working with others. It's a fun, creative, safe environment to either dip your toes into the Voiceover waters if you're new, or to hone your skills and learn new techniques if you already have experience. You'll be amazed at what you did and didn't know about the business of Voiceover. Class size is kept low so everyone gets to work, learn and stretch their acting and VO muscles.

You'll start the day as a small group of strangers and quickly find yourself part of a supportive band of performers encouraging, challenging and learning from each other. (Many students become friends and meet up to practice after the workshop). Learn how to turn stage fright or 'mic fright' into energy that works for you instead of against you.

We'll record each of your takes and create a CD of them for you to take with you at the end of the day.

Private One on One Coaching is available at my home studio in Bethesda


OK so you work out your body (or you keep planning to) now it's time to Workout your VO muscles!!! The VO WORKOUT is like a gym for VO Practice.

The VO WORKOUT is a Voiceover lesson held in a group setting where you have the opportunity to hear other people do their copy and you can supply feedback - and they can hear you and do the same. I'll guide you and make adjustments. We're looking to do this monthly with guest VO Actors and Producers in coming months. It's a warm, supportive, safe atmosphere to test the waters or improve on style depending on your level of experience. $75 to participate - some audit spaces available for $55 - but why not jump in??. email melissa (at) melissavoice.com to find out how to register for the next Workout.

Workshop Testimonials

Here's what a few past attendees have said about the workshops

I really don't know how you do it, but now I see where the grace comes from. To say you exude it would be an understatement. It's in your bones, your blood - your center. What a talent you've cultivated. Any student of yours is lucky - hope they realize that. And, for what it's worth - I could easily see you as an actress on "The Sopranos", or "Entourage".

Nicole National, Geographic Producer

I thought it was a fantastic workshop, your candid approach for actors at every stage of their careers was refreshing, funny and poignant. I couldn't believe the transformation some of the participants made in such a short period of time! I look forward to working with you again exploring what can be made of my abilities - very inspiring day and I am fired up.

Terry, Actor, Stand Up Comic, AFTRA SAG AEA

It was a real treat to watch you as you helped each of us find new takes on the copy we had. The mark of a great teacher/instructor/mentor, in my opinion, is the ability to take any situation, no matter how awkward or surreal it gets and turn it into a positive moment that gives their students something to take away. And you have that in spades. You kept us on track without making us feel rushed. I think `that many of us were nervous in the beginning, but you brought in such a positive energy, that we all felt immediately at ease. It was such a great experience to just be in an actual recording studio and reading copy, getting help from you to make better reads, etc. You seemed to know just the right thing to say to help us find that 'comfortable voice." Again thank you for such an educational and fun day, it was awesome!

Pervis, Actor, Performer, Washington Improv Theater.

It was not just educational, it was inspirational and cathartic especially in my case. The transformation of the group AND each individual is truly amazing. I obviously have not yet found "my voice." I certainly enjoyed finding my "other" voice though. It was almost like an out of body experience! THANK YOU so much.

Peg Emmling

I want to thank you for the program today - I found it engaging and highly useful. It is rare indeed to come to an event with as many questions as I did and have them all completely answered - along with a few that I had not thought of before hand. The results of the experience was not only informative but enlightening.

Dr. Earl R. Smith II, Author, Executive Director, Longview

You are an incredible director! I had such a great time at your class and am amazed at the results of your tricks/exercises. I learned a lot as a producer about how to direct people carefully and in a way that they will hear. Really great.

Mary Stephens - Producer Discovery Channel

I loved the class. I was telling my mom about it (she's in Alabama) and now she wants to take it!

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful workshop on Saturday. I learned a lot about the art and the business of the voice over artist which is very important. The class also gave me a lot of insight into what to look out for in the business and cleared up some misconceptions I had. . You have a great sense of humor which made a long day fly by fast.

Alicia B

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for such an informative seminar. I am very excited about the prospect of someday becoming a working voice over actor. I am a realist. I know nothing worth anything comes easy. I am prepared to put in the time, money and patience necessary to make this a career. Thanks so much for sharing your time and talent.

Wendy G

What a hoot! I haven't had so much fun in a workshop in years. I found your teaching method and your candor remarkably refreshing. I completely agree when you said "the transformation of the group from strangers at 10 am to 'friends in it together' taking risks and cheering each other on by 5 pm." As I am new to the 'Biz" I found the process of developing a character based on a quick read of a cold script a most exhilarating mental exercise........I felt elated that I could do such a thing without embarrassing myself. Your workshop is certainly a confidence builder. Thank you for a marvelous time.


You are a terrific coach -- good ideas, very clearly conveyed, very positive!


I can't find enough superlatives to adequately praise your workshop: Transforming! One-of-a-kind! Catalytic to one's voiceover growth! Thank you again for giving back to the profession and hopefuls like myself. Your coaching has inspired me to put in the work of getting good at voice over. With the practical skills and tips you showed us I went confidently into my next three voice over auditions... and I got 'em! They asked me if I've trained. I dropped your name. They said, "Of course."

Nicki Gonzalez