The Award Winning Voice

Melissa is a well respected and sought after VO Actor, Performer, and Coach. Her work has won her numerous awards including an Emmy Award for Narration of Discovery's Series 'An Inside Look'and 6 Prestigious Peer Awards for Best Female Narration.

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  • Documentary Voice: National Geographic, Discovery, PBS, Smithsonian…
  • Corporate Voice: Marriott, AARP, Abbott Labs, NISH, Avaya, Lockheed Martin…
  • Commercial Voice: Verizon Wireless,AOL,Washington Post, XM, Orbitz, Emily's List…
  • Political Voice: Obama 08, Franken, Dean, Warner, Shaheen, Udall, Walz
  • International Voice: BBC America, HBO Asia,…
  • Government Voice: CIA, NASA, Missle Defense, DIA, NRO…
  • Video Game Voice: Grand Theft Auto, Morrowind: The Elder Scrolls…

Melissa Leebaert

  • Distinctive Professional Directable Smart Real Experienced and Fun to work with
  • Complete Home Studio: Real time ISDN, fast delivery Wav. Or MP3.
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Newsweek Web Exclusive

Some, like Melissa Leebaert, chose their allegiance early. She only does ads for Democrats. Over the past few weeks, she's done several spots for the Obama campaign. "I had to make a definite decision," she tells NEWSWEEK. "It's my personal leaning, and I feel very strongly about it."

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The Most Influential Voices in the Campaign

Sam Stein of Huffington Post interviews Melissa about doing VO for the Obama ’08 campaign

Next to the candidate, the candidate's families and their surrogates, these individuals may have the most influential voices in this presidential campaign. They are not pundits, strategists or heads of third party organizations. They are narrators for political advertisements.

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One on one Coaching and Demo Production

The demo I made with Melissa has received excellent response and I have landed a NY agent as a result! She focuses on all aspects of what it takes to be competitive from finding your signature sound, to the acting behind the copy, to the arrangement of your demo pieces, to the business of the industry, how to market yourself and much more. Melissa is a wealth of knowledge and so much more than just a coach, she is a respected and accomplished voice talent herself who lives this business everyday!

Jessica Zyontz

I just wanted to let you know that I have been extremely satisfied with the coaching work we have done. I feel like for the first time in a long while I am actually starting to make some progress in my abilities, and that my dream of making this profession my career is becoming a reality. Thanks so much for your help, and I look forward to working with you again on Monday.

David Chapman

Oh, I’m standing by to hear about a pretty big gig that I auditioned for for a daily Internet health/fitness/diet site. I got past the initial round, then did a live audition over the phone yesterday. They seemed really pleased with my reads. Thank you for helping me get to the point where I can look at different copy, understand the kind of read I need to deliver, and then to have the confidence to deliver. Obviously, I have a long way to go, but with your help I have come a long way as well.


Words can't express what yesterday afternoon meant to me. I listened to the demo this morning and smiled. You have been such a bright light in my life and yesterday was such a milestone in my own life. " A long time coming," as the song goes. I had a large scoop of coffee chip ice cream at Giffords instead of the small - it was cause for celebration!

Sheila K., Event Announcer

VO Testimonials

Melissa - I have been captivated by listening to you since I first watched your series on Navy SEAL training in Coronado, CA. You are truly professional and lend a sense of credibility to your work.

John Richard Costa Mesa, CA

Just wanted to tell you that the first time I heard your Obama healthcare spot (I think it was on WTOP).. I got chills.. (the good kind!) Amazing. - and it's not just because he's awesome :)... You have always been my hero.. NOW, you are my IDOL!!!!! I wanted to tell you how .. for lack of a better word.. proud I am to know you - and thrilled that your amazing voice, talent and personality are spreading the good word and ideas of this amazing man. You ROCK!

Vanessa DC Actor